Media expertise and innovation

The team around Helmut Müller and Hans Prange has worked exclusively for media companies since 1984. The work of media companies is supposed to become faster, more accurate and more efficient and new business sectors are opening up. And, because new business models have grown more complex, state-of-the-art systems need to be put in place.

Our media platform systems specifically map organizational, selling, and business management processes in advertising, sales, and editorial areas.

In the industry, we consider ourselves as a driver of innovation and a visionary: We have always thought miles ahead, outside of the box, and are constantly examining trends for their development potential.

The media platform combines high usability, professional expertise, and technological excellence on the levels of CRM, order management, and Business Intelligence. That way, our users clearly benefit from competitive advantages.

Approximately 350 installations make us the market leader. We think outside of the box and are implementing trends in our software systemsearly on. As a result, our customers are always one step ahead.