Your mobile contact and sales portal

Graffiti is a CRM system designed from scratch to provide agility and communication in crossmedia ad sales. Thanks to individual customizing, the preferences of any media company can be implemented.

Intranet and perfect communication, especially for agile teams in media companies. Customer-centric activities such as CRM, sales reports or crossmedia sales opportunities – everything is available.

The Social CRM Sales App!


Teamware, groupware, collaboration


Customers, sales, profiles, end-to-end history


Sales opportunity management, tracking, transparency across the sales team


User experience, fun, sex appeal, browser, Mac, Windows, tablet

Corporate communication at its best

Graffiti is a web-based and interactive app making work a pure pleasure. Uncomplicated, intuitive, anywhere mobile access, synchronized with every modern business application. Graffiti can be used anywhere and anytime.

Information and opinion sharing in your company is drastically enhanced by Graffiti! Optimal interaction is enabled by the comment feature and provides an updated overview of all activities. Ultimately, state-of-the-art status updates and sales reports are delivered across departments.

Features integrated in Graffiti

Timeline, the core feature of Graffiti, informs employees about all events, news and communication at a glance.

Employees share news, sales reports and other communication about customers and markets. Feedback from employees ensures teamwork and communication without ever sending emails.

Your team shares important documents in realtime.

The activities of employees are controlled by tasks – facilitating the tracking of sales opportunities.

A new approach with the mobile management of sales opportunities in Graffiti provides crossmedia ad sales through sales pipelines. All sales opportunities at one glance – your perfect sales management tool for print, online, and crossmedia.

There is always a strong focus on sales data of companies and contacts including histories. And, integration into all available address databases of your in-house CRM or Microsoft Exchange is possible to ensure that everyone is able to access most up-to-date sales data from anywhere.

Reports inform you about sales pipeline statuses and other business data.

Graffiti in the cloud

We offer Graffiti in the cloud without requiring any enterprise IT or installation in your company.