Individually scalable platform for media business processes

The flexible, expandable, multifunctional and media-specific CRM system MediaMillion is the ideal platform in today’s complex, volatile media world with continuously fluid conditions and requirements.

CRM, CRM, and yet again CRM: triggering data-based sales activities, develop them as a team, track, finalize, and implement them. Analytically, predictively, operationally, and collaboratively.

The scalable platform for business processes in crossmedia companies MediaMillion is focused on four key business benefits:


This centralized CRM system for your Business Partner and media master data supports the master data and taxonomies which are running your business and are used by all connected operational systems – your dream has come true!

Redundant address data belong to the past. Standardized business partner and contact master data, metadata, profiles, and taxonomies (for instance, industry classification) are delivered by the MediaMillion Friendship Server data management platform.

A system behind every customer

A powerful ecosystem enables the systematic combination of all customer data with business-relevant profiles, key figures, KPIs, and unlimited profiling options. Media-typical master data, nomenclatures, taxonomies, and systematics are provided in a centralized repository to ensure professional process and data management.

Highly communicative

MediaMillion Friendship Server is open to connections to a variety of internal and external systems, resulting in the synchronicity of data across system boundaries. Connected departments and systems are synchronously supplied with standardized media master data.


The challenge faced by many media companies is that they do not receive a coherent picture of their market and business opportunities because of the plethora of dispersed information and data. Too often, data is hidden away in island applications or fragmented across the system’s structure – all caused by poor data management.

MediaMillion® Diamond Server solves this dilemma by establishing a multidimensional data warehouse based on big data, including internal and external sources and by generating actionable data from this information.

In-house data governance provides the definition of master data and nomenclatures such as publications, taxonomies and systematics, but also customers, contacts, and products.

Data stewardship further ensures the consistent quality, timeliness, and synchronicity of business-critical master data through the ongoing maintenance of data content.

On this basis, the MediaMillion Diamond Server supports your media company in three different ways:

Business Intelligence at the push of a button

There are no limits to Business Intelligence, sales intelligence, reports, analyses, reports, and statistics for the intelligent use of internal and external data. Predefined and customized, interactive, browser-based statistics are designed from the multidimensional data warehouse and implemented.

It’s time to use powerful Business Intelligence tools for controlling in real-time, trend analyses and the validation of new business models and projects.

Data driven Business

Impulse elements by MediaMillion® are action and activity impulses for employees based on individually defined algorithms. All executives and business managers need to do is specify the parameters and define which statistical results are to trigger which activities – the MediaMillion® Diamond Server makes it possible. Business opportunities are, for instance, converted into specific workflows – and actively triggered.

If there are indications for relevant sales opportunities in specific market segments, they are directly forwarded to the ad sales team in the form of automated messages or specific sales opportunities with action targets.

Automated customer profiles from big data

The MediaMillion® Diamond Server does not only intelligently automate all internal workflows and processes, but workflows can be created for customers as well, whether print, online, event or shop system, automatically generating profile data, key figures, and profiles about the customer in the CRM (Data Management Platform DMP) in real time. Subsequently, they may be used for optimizing the customer relationship and for creating and marketing individual and target group-specific products.


Your media company is fully supported by intelligent and automated impulses across all sales processes. The highly sophisticated tool for crossmedia ad sales provides best-in-class offer management for any kind of advertising. The different phases and revenue from all untapped sales opportunities are transparently available in the sales pipeline.

The tool empowers the ad sales team to perform their tasks simply and efficiently: to seamlessly map all active sales opportunities, easily prepare offers, track, perform activity workflows, sales report management, and sales pipeline reports for managers and sales persons.

Consequently, more capacity is created for the efficient acquisition of new business and the exploration of new market opportunities. Sales pipeline statistics deliver a detailed view of the current acquisition status – per publication, brand, month, and sales person.


Perfect operations ensue as soon as a sales opportunity has been turned into an order. The team is automatically guided through responsibilities and statuses, resulting in the smooth implementation of the contracted order.

The AdOperations module prevents the decrease in margins in crossmedia environments. 30% of all sales revenues erode during traditional implementation. AdOperations saves time and money, processes are clearly defined, and responsibilities explicitly identified.

What’s special about MediaMillion AdOps is that all transactions (for instance, advertising media, addresses, telephone numbers, activities, customer documents, reports) are centrally summarized in a digital order file.