VM Verlags-Manager

The all-in-one system for your media company

Ad marketing and management or reader services – VM is the ideal software-solution for the requirements of your media company.

VM is truly crossmedia: your media company requires a system which perfectly manages print, online, and crossmedia.

The focus of your activities and VM is on your customers. The business partner environment of media companies – advertisers, agencies, readers, subscribers, authors, partners – is the hub. The system connects to this center by offering all specialist departments access to all advertising order data (order completions, orders, bookings), to all order data of sales orders (subscription, individual distribution, book, shop, events) and to editorial data (credits).

Interactions with customers and agencies are seamlessly documented in sales reports.

The efficiency is monitored by competition data analyses, comparisons of ad bookings, forecasts, existing subscribers, sustainability analyses, and other reporting components.

As VM provides a 360-degree view of sales data, profiles, correspondence, activities, market data, and business transactions from advertising and sales, Business Intelligence as well as statistics.

All of these features make VM the best-in-class standard of all-in-one systems.

Customizing in VM

Every user needs a task-specific view of things – and, VM is customizable right down to the user level.

myVM empowers all users with the intuitive handling of VM even during complex operations. Instead of being hidden in menus, features are displayed in a user interface designed as users expect it to be. Consequently, they benefit from more fun and greater productivity.

Synchronization of data – automatically or at the push of a button

NOW, all data from the infrastructure solution Microsoft Exchange including all frontends are in sync with your corporate CRM VM. Is your CRM as state-of-the-art as the outlooks of sales persons? It will definitely be with ExchangeConnector for VM.


Data and their relations create market transparency for your marketing

Data analysis and the selection of relevant target groups in VM are the basis for generating sales impulses. Marketing campaigns such as mailings result from this data and impulses are shared with the sales force.

Workflows which automatically generate tasks in the background will additionally support your processes.

Automation in campaign management

The perfect management of business partners enables the selection of profiled target groups for efficient campaign management. The technical basis is the optimal connection to the mailing services provider through the configurable letter shop interface which is integrated in VM. Furthermore, the response and advertising effectiveness is monitored and follow-up campaigns created to round off your campaign.

Crossmedia offers wanted by ad sales teams!

Quick, easy, and in line with your corporate identity. All forms of advertising, all prices, and all business models are collected fast and flexibly and, based on XML technology, in the style of your company – innovative and crossmedia. VM altogether increases the efficiency based on the ability of transferring data to the order management system.

VM is number one in Order management

There is nothing in the media industry which cannot be managed commercially by VM!

Whether print, online, or crossmedia. Format ads and classified ads, online advertising, mobile advertising, ad specials, sponsorings, split-runs, and combos – the industry’s leading advertising management solution meets all challenges.


Instead of waging paper warfare due to dispersed orders and invoices (for each print and online publication) the only crossmedia tool available in the market integrates all operations according to the “One-Order-One-Bill” principle. The financial accounting system integrated in VM generates and manages all kinds of vouchers such as invoices, cancellations, credit notes, debit notes, sales commission statements, and revenue accruals.

Full efficiency in ad management: auto order

External order data is integrated into VM and order confirmations as well as order completion distribution and bookings are generated automatically. Combined with the auto invoice and auto financial accounting export components VM is turned into a uniquely efficient machine for crossmedia order management.

Classified ads – everything works automatically

Your classified portal offers market participants access to capture self-designed classified ads. Under the hood, the portal is seamlessly connected to VM. The high level of automation makes manual interventions unnecessary. Order completions, order confirmations, billing, and financial accounting export are integrated into automated workflows.


Business relationships between readers and the media company: VM makes it possible!

Activities of readers and buyers are centrally stored in VM. Customer-specific histories grow continually over a longer period to deliver a full customer and sales profile. New opportunities are created from this foundation, and products offered to consumers, readers and buyers as required. In this context, products include different subscriptions, just one item, participation in an event or an affiliate product.

The system ensures smooth interactions with consumers, for instance, forwarding of addresses, interruptions, changing one subscription for another, which are fully mapped in VM. Another essential component of VM is complaint management which is used to win back customers.

Order management for periodicals (subscription), books, goods, and events

Print and digital, magazines and newsletters, ePapers, and all kinds of subscriptions can be compiled and organized super fast with VM.

All related data, for instance, for the processing of dispatch runs, including breakdowns of any kind of address file, including or excluding bonuses, individual welcome letters, subscription management information with start and end dates, interruptions, allocation of different recipients, allocation of deviating invoice recipients is collected expediently and fast. Crossmedia sales orders included.

Our USP: accruals

The logics of your subscription accruals (performance periods) is included in VM and processed and transferred your financial accounting system at the time of billing.

Alternating delivery and target group analysis: even more success and efficiency for your sales process!

A new analysis of target groups ensures increased success and efficiency! Once again, VM pursues an integral approach. Our powerful VM sales module: analysis, establishment of target groups and delivery of target groups through quantitative modulation, rolling dispatch, and AMF-compliant documentation. The module which has so far been reserved to special services providers is perfect for alternating deliveries and other challenging communication models.

VM webshop connection

B2C business activities performed by media companies are organized in VM and consumer and user profiles exploited for effective marketing. The sale of events and shows, books and individual sales are organized in the centralized VM-C tool.

In addition to the webshop connection, VM also provides necessary inventory management for instance, for the e-commerce solution magento®, generating all required documents – from delivery notes to bills.

VM-Executive Elements

Our monitoring and control cockpit ensures that you benefit from planning reliability, efficiency control, insights, and impulses. VM SQL IT offers a collection of customizable reports for immediate use to enable entry into the world of modern Business Intelligence.


If the technical operation of the VM is not one of your core competencies you may choose our muellerPrange Cloud. Media companies who wish to give up running their own technology will be provided our solution. Your focus is on using VM – anywhere, without requiring servers of your own or any technical administration.